CT. Lasers. Laser Light Shows Nationwide!
High Powered, full color Lasers projecting American Flag effect at a Kid Rock Concert in Manchester, New Hampshire
Connecticut Lasers. Laser Light Shows & Laser Light Show Equipment
RGB Laser fan effect adding beautiful ambience to an already spectacular décor!
CT. Lasers and X-Laser provide you affordable, high quality USA Legal Laser options for your entry level Laser system!
CT. Lasers. Laser Light Shows Nationwide!
Corporate event Laser displays. High energy, beautiful Laser beams and custom corporate logo projections
CT. Lasers. YOUR Laser Light Show Company!
Fully choreographed Laser light shows set to the music of your choice! Audiences from 100 to 100,000!
CT. Lasers
CT Lasers lighting up the MGM Grand Tower at Foxwoods Casino for their 20 year anniversary celebration!
CT. Lasers Laser Light Shows
Connecticut Lasers providing special effects Laser displays for Music Videos ("The Wanted" live studio performance).
Connecticut Lasers
Welcome to Connecticut Lasers! Worldwide Laser light shows and Laser light show components.
Connecticut Lasers
Graphical Laser projections with high energy beam shows. Stadium Concert / Sporting event Laser shows. Abstract Laser art projections.
Connecticut Lasers
Lasers can be used to project your corporate logo and marketing information for thousands to see! Custom graphics and 21st century advertising capabilities.
Connecticut Lasers
CT. Lasers manufactures professional Laser systems which are FDA / CDRH certified and include operators variances. Check out the "Luminance RGB" and "Luminance532" Laser systems. Power outputs form 1 Watt to greater than 50 Watts. All air cooled and solid state Laser technology.
Connecticut Lasers
Lasers promote a brand, an International recording artist and a Corporation like no other form of marketing!

CT. Lasers | Laser Light Show Company & Laser Light Show Equipment

Laser Light Show Companies – CT. Lasers Proves to be YOUR Best Choice!

LuminanceRGB Laser Light Show systems: Shop our professional LuminanceRGB Laser Light Show Systems. These are made in the USA and boast a 2 year warranty. The LuminanceRGB Laser systems are built and marketed toward high end nightclubs, entertainment venues and companies / individuals who demand only the BEST in Laser technology and quality. Get Details!.

X-Laser Laser Light Show Projectors For those of you in need of an “entry level” or more budget friendly Laser system, CT. Lasers is very proud to announce that we are now a full line X-Laser USA Dealer. Get details!.

CT. Lasers is a Laser light show company providing spectacular Laser shows for nationwide audiences. Our Laser light show systems utilize state of the art solid state Laser technology which can entertain an event of 100 guests to a stadium full of 100,000 screaming fans! Connecticut Lasers is also recognized as a leading worldwide supplier for Laser light show equipment, Laser light Show projector manufacturing and high quality Laser light show components.

CT. Lasers has rapidly become one of the nations top Laser light show companies, we have been afforded great opportunities to work with clients such as Foxwoods Casino for their prestigious 20 year anniversary, Avicii (International DJ/producer and recording artist), Laser projections for “Wounded Warriors” off of the U.S.S. Intrepid Aircraft Carrier to Laser system installations in prominent nightclubs.

If you are looking to add the excitement and beauty of Lasers to an event, let Connecticut Lasers be your company. We provide professional Laser productions for affordable rates. If you are looking at a professional Laser light show system installation, let CT. Lasers build and install one of our LuminanceRGB or Luminance532 Laser systems for your venue.

Connecticut Lasers is a proud corporate member of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) and is committed to advancing the art of Laser Light Show performances! We are also currently part of ILDA’s “Regulatory Committee” working with the FDA/CDRH on Laser regulations and safety.

If you are in need of a Laser light show company for any of the following:

• Corporate theater Laser shows
• Sporting event Laser light shows
• Laser light shows for concerts
• Laser light shows for special events and festivals
• Product launches utilizing custom Laser graphics (logos, custom art, slogans and high energy Laser effects)
• Laser advertising (Laser billboards, building projections, trade shows)
• Nightclub Laser shows

Then be sure to contact CT. Lasers!

Connecticut Lasers is proud to be one of the best nationwide Laser light show companies to accommodate almost any Laser show production requirement.

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